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Nedd Quick Help,please

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Hi everyone. I just got a call from my mother in law,she has my 7 yr old daughter until the end of august. And she said alivia is layed up on the couch and has a bad stomache ache and if there is anything to give her,She hasn't had this bad of a reaction before for me. She thinks she got glutened from denny's last night probably from hot chocolate.

Is there anything to help her feel better. I know she is in pain because she doesn't even want to go to sea world. She has been wanting to since last year.

Please help.



Nicole- 3 yrs old Positive Celiac Blood test- 6/21/2006 //// Normal result: <20,,,Nicole-80

Positive Biopsy for Celiac- 7/17/2006

Gluten-Free Since - 7/22/2006

Alivia- 7 years- old Positive Celiac blood test-Aug. 2006////Normal result:<4,,,Alivia-32.

Biopsy showed positive for Celiac Disease and moderate to severe damage (Blood Work for both girls were done in different labs that is why they are different)

Gluten free since:Dec.2006

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