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I Just Had To Share This...

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Well, the topic pretty much sums it up...my baby loves the beat of rap. The other day he accidently turned the TV to a rap music station...and let me tell ya...my boy can dance! It is hysterical! :P

He starts off bobbing his head (looks like a duck), then he starts marching, then swings out his legs...meanwhile, his arms are bouncing and he's tries to snap his fingers (something he's seen his daddy and I do). So there he is, all of thirty-two inches tall, shaking his booty, "snapping" his fingers, and bobbin' that head.

I've got it on video. He also loves the CSI theme....the one that goes "Who are you...who, who,who,who." He sings the "who, who" part with the TV. Of course, this is while he's shakin' his little booty to the music. B)

Anyway, I know it's a mommy "mushy" moment. But I just had to share. (maybe he'll dance better than the hubby and me...we stink). ;)

Everyone, take care! -Julie

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