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Yeast Intolerant?

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Hello all!

I self-diagnosed myself here about 5 months back and put myself on a gluten-free diet, and it solved some of my problems, like feeling starving all the time, but it didn't solve all of them, like feeling half-drunk a lot of the time, and poor concentration/memory, etc. It seems like when I eat grapes, figs, or dates I have a wierd non-gluten reaction and can't think clear and also tend to pig out. Same thing if I drink the juice in canned food. I also started taking some B-supplements but had to stop because they seemed to make me get high and not think clear.

Has anyone else had any experience with any of these symptoms? Some people are telling me that I might have a yeast overgrowth in my intestine. A book I'm starting to read also talks about being allergic to yeast.

Thank you!


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Yeast intolerant and yeast overgrowth are two seperate things. Right now, I've a large candida overgrowth in my body. You might want to google 'candida' and read more about that - it is possible, but perhaps you are just healing if you do have damage to your villi. You should probably also see your doctor, GI, or naturopath.

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