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Dd Has Amazing Teacher This Year!

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I met with dd#2's teacher last night at our "meet the teacher" night, and I gave her my papers with my dd's restrictions and how she needed to be taken care of at school to keep her healthy. I even included a letter that I wanted to share with all the parents. Below is an email she sent to me today!! She seems like she will be a GREAT teacher this year for my dd! I am so relieved and excited about this. She has copied the letter I gave her and has already placed a copy of it in all the binders that she is sending home on Monday with our kids. So, I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone, and I needed some help in what to tell her about some of the questions she asked. I plan on sending her a copy of the unsafe ingredient list from celiac.com, but I didn't know about much else. Any help would be great.




I have spent some time reviewing the website you included and after

looking at some of my first day activities, I wanted to ensure there


be no problems.

If I read correctly, I believe Tempera paint is OK. Is that correct?


not, is there any paint that is OK for ** to use?

I also planned on doing an activity with alphabit cereal - I know that


cannot use that cereal. Is there any other food that you are aware of,

that contains letters, that I could purchase for her to use?

I read on the website that some soap is not appropriate. Do you know


the soap we use in the bathrooms is OK?

We will be conducting some experiments in science with color. Could you

please tell me what brand/type of food coloring is appropriate for


I know we are going to have a great year. I promise to do my very best


screen anything before it is given to **, after all that is what I

would want someone to do for my child.

I will purchase some treats to keep in the classroom for **, and I

ALWAYS have chocolate, but we really do not have a snack time, unless


is a birthday celebration.

This is the first time I have ever been exposed to this allergy, so I


probably have TONS of questions. I would rather be safe than sorry.

For products that contain gluten, will that be listed on the label? Is

there some way I can check an item without having to bother you


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that is great!

We are very new to this this yr and we still haven't had my DD's endoscopy(Wed) there for nothing is set in stone yet. When we went to meet my DD;s teacher last Thursday she was amazing! She said she wasn't familar with Celiac and my response was I wasn't either until a few weeks ago! She just said then we will learn together! I loved it! She also started suggesting all the things I had planned before I could get them out of my mouht, like specail snacks just for her and she even said she would keep a specail treat just incase some poarent suprised the class with cup cakes or something she couldn''t have. Then she asked if I minded being class mom so I could control stuff like the food in and out of the class room. So I said of course that would be great! Since I stay at home with my kids it is perfect! I feel so luck that her teacher is so willing to learn and help her adjust to this new life!

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