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Demo Of Messed Up Nails-also Sign Of Celiac Or Ncgs?

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I recently asked you guys about your kids nails (or even yours if you are Celiac or NCGS) BEFORE they went on Gluten-free! My kids where both born with normal nails, and over time they ahve changed shape and apparence! Several of you chimed in that you did notice those nails on you or your kids and did not realize that they could be also a Symptome fo the desease! I made alittle tape where you can see both my kids finger and toenails! If you do see similarities at elast we all know another Symptom that does not seem to be listed anywhere! check it out! May be the one or the other can show their kids nails too! I do know one thing that the fact of naisl beein smaller on the botton (nailbed) and wider on top can point to something putting a huge strain on kidneys. Knowing that undiagnosed and treated Celiac or NSGS can lead to Kidneydesease, makes this look not so unimportant!


Susi with Shayden and Brandy

Shayden, pos. with DQ 2, pos. for Glutensensitivity with Tissuetransglutaminase Stool TgA 45 Units

Brandy, pos. with DQ2 + DQ8, DX Celiac Nov.07, gluten-free since Nov. 1st 07, Tissuetransglutaminase Stool TgA 63 Units

Me: Gastroscopy negative f. Celiac, IBS, Oesophagitis, Hiatus-Hernia

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