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Lee Roy Selmans - Restaurant In Sarasota

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Hi, I recently went to Lee Roy Selmans restaurant by accident. Looked like a nice enough place so I asked if they had ever heard of a gluten-free menu. The host perked right up and said Yes, we have one I'll be right back. Great menu selection on the gluten-free menu. The food was GREAT!!! BBQ sauce and salad dressing too!!! The server explained that they had to go through a special training on gluten-free food and preparation of meals. I was very impressed and would recommend this restaurant.

On the plus side, they have that gluten-free beer and TVs for sports games everywhere! That would be a great place to watch a game and actually be able to eat and drink a beer!!!

It's located off the University exit in Sarasota, FL.

Happy eating :D

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