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Are Water Fountains At School Safe?

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Does anyone know if cross contamination can occur at water fountains in elementary schools? I had spoken with a friend who has a daughter with a peanut allergy and apparently many children can go into shock do to peanut exposure from water fountains. It got me thinking about celiacs, if a child eats a sandwhich and then drinks from the fountain....

Anyone have any ideas?


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Peanut allergy

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I dont think it is a concern for celiacs - even so - the child can be encouraged to wash their hands after using the fountain. peanut allergies can be so severe that children can go in to anaphylaxis if they are next to a child eating a peanut butter sandwich.

I do give my children water bottles to take to school, not because of celiac - but because so many nasty GI viruses are spread at the fountains, kids use the washroom - don't wash their hands and use the fountain, sick kids drink from them .....Noro viruses are spread rapidly through schools because of water fountains (IMHO).... at least in our school, they ahve the fountains located just outside the washroom......so just after the kids use them, they take a drink eeewwwww



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I also try to discourage my kids from drinking from the water fountains simply because they tend to be the most germ infested surfaces in a school. (Bathrooms tend to actually have less germs and bacteria than other rooms, because people tend to clean them more carefully!) I say "try to discourage," but I know they do it anyway. So far my 6 yr old G. Int. son has not had a reaction from a drinking fountain.

I do allow him to use Play-doh and regular glue, etc. But I explained to him that these things have gluten in them, and he needs to be careful not to put his hands in his mouth until he washes them well.

School just started, and I'm sending a large index card for his teacher to keep at her desk. The card will have the important highlights that she needs to remember. i.e.:

Let Lucas's mom know as soon as any parties or special snacks are planned.

Remind Lucas to wash hands thoroughly after using the following school supplies...

Lucas must be allowed to leave to use the bathroom immediately when he asks.


This is Luke's first year at school since he's been diagnosed, so I'm trying to remember everything!



--Son, Lucas, age 7. Gluten-free since May 2007

--Son, Ezra, age 5. Gluten-free 10/13/07. Bipolar tendencies, massively improved on gluten-free diet! He's also allergic to a jillion antibiotics.

--My mother has Celiac Disease, dx'ed by Positive Blood Tests and Biopsy. Diagnosed Sarcoidosis 6/08.

--Myself, Gluten-free since 8/07

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