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Just Had Appendix Out!

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I was just wondering if anyone else has had their appendix out?!!! I was diagnosed celiac in Oct.06 and have been doing well since about January. I've suffered from abdominal pains here and there and had a bout of colitis in January :huh: , but the past three weeks I haven't been feeling well and all of the sudden on Saturday afternoon while I was working (i'm a nanny) I doubled over with SEVERE lower abdominal pain in my right side. I called my boyfriend who came and got me and (thankfully) insisted I go straight to the ER and after several hours and a cat scan later they took me in for an emergency appendectomy :o (spelling?) anywho- that was saturday and today (thursday) I am still in quite a bit of pain. I was told by the operating doctor that my appendix was very high up and was pressing on my intestines. I was just wondering if anyone else had this surgery and/or words of wisdom on my recovery time. I feel so wiped out and am hoping to get better soon! THanks!!

Kate :rolleyes:

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Hi, I lost mine too! At least you have one less organ that the drs can claim is causing you problems :blink:

Anyway, the pain the got me the worst was in my shoulder blades. They put some gas into your abdomin to do the laparoscopy (assuming you had the belly button surgery). The best way to make the pain stop is to move around. It is the very last thing you will want to do, but you will feel better. Move your arms in big cirlcles. Walk around. All the movement will help stop the gas from building up and will cause the gas to be absorbed which will make you feel better.

Once you recover fully, you will never notice a diiference with the appendix gone.

Feel better soon

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I have not had my appendix out, but my sister did a few years ago. Hers was about to burst, so they had to do emergency surgery. It took her longer to recover without the laparoscopic surgery, and the pain meds made her sick to her stomach. Take it easy and give your body time to heal. Here's wishing you a quick recovery!

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Dear noglutee4kt,

I had my gallbladder removed four years ago. I had terrible gas afterward. That is probably what the pain is from. The wounds actually only stung a bit, it was the gas that was so uncomfortable! Thank goodness you got that thing out, it sounded like it was causing as much trouble as my gallbladder had been.

My pal DingoGirl on here had her appendix out. That is what started all of her trouble. She was doing pretty well for a while. Then, she began feeling rough after the surgery. I am not sure how long it has been since she has had it out. You might want to PM her.




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Guest thatchickali

Had mine out in April, when I was still diagnosed as "IBS". We were hopeful that it had been causing my suffering all along, but I didn't get better. Got diagnosed celiac disease in July.

It sucks, but the good thing about it is, when you have bad gas pains, you don't have to worry that it's the appendix! Because personally celiac disease causes a lot of gas pains and I feel relieved knowing that even when I'm doubled over, it's not my appendix.

You'll get better soon. I was miserable for about a week, then I started getting some more energy. I was completely myself after a month. (I had an open surgery though...if you had laproscopic it might be different.

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Hello my name is Heather, and I do not have Celiac but on Oct. 31 I had emergancy surgery to have my appendix removed. they did it lapiscopicallyI have three insisions sry spelling but i have been in so much pain. i am only 16 and it hurts bad. But it's getting better. Just take it extra slow and I don't know if the hospital told you this or not but they told me that holding a pillow kind of firmly but to to hard against your stomache and lower abdomen will take some of the pain away. And also when you go to sleep i found that holding a pillow on your stomache then also helps. I hope it works for you.


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This is my subject!

Okay I had mine out 6 months ago....4-21-07.

The first thing I would like to research is if it could be related to Celiac Disease in any way, since it is a part of the intestine.

As for recovery - it depends on if you had open or laproscopic. My doctor did open and I could have killed him for it. It took a month to start getting energy back, 2 months to feel pain free and 6 months later I still get some pinching pain in that area. (Doc said it was normal it just takes a long time for things to fall back into place.)

If you had laproscopic you will probably experience more gas because they had you pumped up with air, but you should have a speedier recovery. A friend had has laproscopically removed a month ago and he was back to normal very quickly. Doing daily things after a week and feeling great after 2 weeks.

We're all different. PM me if you have any questions.

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4-21-07 Emergency Appendectomy (FUUUNN!)

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I actually just had an emergency appendectomy 3 weeks ago. So add me to the club of those less an appendix ;)

Luckily they did not burst (although the doctor still seems to be in shock about that), so they were able to remove them laproscopicly. The last of my bandages / tape just came off last night.

The recovery wasn't that bad (except for the 2nd trip back to the hospital, but that's a whole other story). The 1st couple days after was the worst pain wise because all the gas they fill you with radiates up to your chest and shoulders, but other than that it was fine. (Then again I also have an insane tolerance for pain, hence another source of amazement by my doctor).

I have a tiny scar under my belly button that I am pretty sure will fade completely with time and two little scars that are on my lower abdomen, that I am hoping will fade with time. I was pretty tired for the first couple of weeks, but feel fine now.


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