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Drooling Over Gluten

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Guest Happynwgal2
Dear Happynwgal2,

Your idea is great! Your daughter is just a year older than me! I told my brother I would bake cookies or a pie every week for him if it meant he would do the gluten-free diet. Debbie Cakes are what he wants most. Let's see...Debbie Cakes and Intestinal Cancer, or gluten-free and no Diabetes, Intestinal Cancer, osteoporosis, or neurological problems. Can you say DUH?! :rolleyes:

Dear Someday,

One thing your husband should keep in mind. If he eats that stuff, you cannot kiss him. It will make you sick. The gluten particles hang around in the mouth a while. You might have to tell him "Give up the glu, or I cannot kiss you!" :(

I guess I am fortunate that I do not have problems with my family like some people do here...

I LOVE the idea about not kissing! HA! (Of course, I don't have a husband right now... But if I did, he'd be getting this quote in his email today!!!!)


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Dear Julie,

Thank you for the compliments! :) I do not feel it is selfish to assert our need for good health to others. They do not always understand how serious this condition is. I am probably only going to marry a Celiac and only date Celiacs. It is safer! Those with spouses should just have the mantra "No lovin' unless you ate gluten-free from the oven!"

Dear Happynwgal2,

I feel we often do not assert our needs enough. This is a serious disease. We must manage it on our own the best we can. As long as we are not ridiculously unreasonable, I see no reason why others would not comply. My relatives are mostly just stubborn. However, that may come back to haunt them later. All I can do is warn people of the problems undiagnosed and untreated Celiac can cause. I cannot force them to take care of themselves. :( What is worse, many people get hateful about it.



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