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Outback! My First Good Restaurant Experience In A Month!

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My husband suggested going out for dinner earlier this evening and I reacted with my usual "uhhh... I dunno" and he said "Let's try Outback, you said they have a gluten-free menu".

So, before we went, I printed out the menu from their website, and was pleased to note that some of my all-time favorites are gluten-free. Although I was kind of bummed to see that their seasoned vegetables are not, but I can deal.

Also, we had a coupon for a free appetizer sampler that was basically grilled chicken and steak, ahi tuna, and coconut shrimp. When I ordered that, I asked that the rice that normally comes with the steak and the shrimp be served on a different plate. The waitress immediately asked if I was allergic. I said "Yes, to gluten" and she said that she'd be sure to tell the chef. She also said that she had another gluten allergic customer recently and warned us that our food may take a few extra minutes because they cook everything separately. I was so happy I almost cried :)

So, it's been over an hour since we finished eating and I feel FINE!!! Since I usually react within about 20 minutes, I figure it all went well :) YEAH for Outback!!!

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Yeah! We've had Outback twice since I was dx'd, once was a pick up order and once in the restaurant. The waitress was great and I got the Alice Spring Chicken as well! LOVE IT!

You know PF Changs does gluten-free menus too, right? Mmmmm!


Mom of twin girls Perry & Ella (11.5.05) and Luca (5.2.07)

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease 7.16.07

Gluten-free 7.17.07

Perry & Ella tested negative (blood test) 8/2007

Luca tested negative (blood test) 7/2009

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YAY!!! That is great!!

I am another one who loves the Alice Springs Chicken! YUM!!!


"Life isn't about how to survive the storm

but how to dance in the rain."

Positive bloodwork 1/9/06

gluten-free since 1/12/06

Very positive dietary response

DS (12 years old)

Biopsy 7/7/06 ~ Diagnosed Celiac 7/12/2006

gluten-free since 7/15/2006

DD (almost 6)

HLA-DQ2 positive

Celiac Bloodwork negative 2 different times

Still eating gluten for now.

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Outback has been great for us :) they have a separate menu they bring out, and my mom (who has celiac disease) is just thrilled at how careful they are, without making a huge deal about it... AND they have amazing gluten-free dessert :D

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I went the other day to Outback and had the Chicken on the Barbie---according to the menu, the BBQ sauce is gluten free. I ordered a baked potato rather than the seasoned veggies, and salad with no croutons, and had a great time. My only regret is that we were too full for the Chocolate Thunder.

Diagnosed 08/08/07

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