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Am I Still Making Dumb Mistakes

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Ok this weekend i went to the farmers market like i do most saturdays. Well I bought some red chili powder and some salsa de verde stuff)that u use to make salsa and guacomole) which i figured it was safe lol. Well last night i woke up about 2 am completely freaked out. I started to think what if they make it in a gluten filled kitchen. What if they add flour to it, and what if what if what if. I could not go back to sleep. Las tnight my stomach hurt a little after i had the red chili and the day before it hurt when i had the salsa de verde, but im not sure if its cause it was so hot and it hurt my ulcer or not(cause i try not to blame gluten for everything).

So do you all think im overacting or could this stuff be contaimated. I am going to go back on saturday and ask the man(if he is there, this was the first time ive seen him).

Will I ever get to point were i dont make dumb mistakes?



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Well you already ate some. What's your typical gluten reaction like?

Honestly, to me it sounds more like it was just hot and gave you a stomach ache, if you were fine the next day.

In the beginning it's normal to obsess about this stuff...you get more used to it with time. Also with time you learn what your typical reaction is like and then it's easier to know if you had some gluten or not.

That said, I don't usually buy stuff at a market because often the ingredients aren't listed clearly. If in doubt, I prefer to make stuff myself.

It's a good idea to talk with the man though.


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