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So Here's Yet Another Question...

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depending on the source or is it the same no matter if it's from barley, rye or wheat? I'm wondering because I had two accidental ingestions about a month apart. The first was wheat and the second one was barley. The wheat was terrible and I was so exhausted with it and had the mental fog, shaking, depression etc. With the barley I had really bad intestinal pain for about 8 hours, had some shaking and was a bit tired that day, but never had the mental fog and all the other things I get with the wheat. I was over it very quickly and it wasn't bad at all compared to what usually happens. In fact, if I hadn't known for sure the source I would not have thought I'd had any gluten at all.

One big difference also was that with wheat I have to raise my medication for a while and then taper it back down. With the barley that didn't happen. I thought maybe it was the amount ingested, but I think both of them were very small amounts and were probably comparable. If my reactions were more like what happened in the second instance I probably wouldn't be so paranoid about what I eat, but those 3 week long episodes are just awful!!!

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