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Safeway Signature Soups

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I am still new to the celiac way of life (my 9 year old was biopsied on March 22, 2006), but thought I was doing okay with reading labels, and learning tons from this board. My daughter really likes the Safeway Signature soups, so I carefully read the labels and chose the chicken and wild rice one for her, which she had for lunch last Friday. I subsequently emailed Safeway to get a list of the gluten free Signature soups, and found out that there is hidden gluten in the one I chose, plus others that we considered based on the ingredients. Stupid me!! Don't trust labels.

Here is the response from Safeway (note it is from Canada Safeway):

Thank you for your feedback regarding our Safeway Signature Soups.

You inquired about the gluten free Safeway Signature Soups. For your convenience, our research indicates that the Signature Soup (Fajita Chicken Toasted Corn Chowder & Baked Potato), Soup Mix (Black Bean & Rice, Tex Mex Rice & Bean, Tortilla Con Queso), soup (only chicken with rice) and Homestyle Soups (Chicken Corn Chowder and Clam Chowder) are gluten free.

For additional information, please contact our Private Label Department directly at 1-888-723-3929. Thank you for your time and interest.

Hope this information saves someone for a glutening.

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