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Big Bowling Ball Stomach

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If anyone has some thoughts on this it would be great and I would be grateful.

For the most part, I am healthy and feel good. I used to have some problems with depression, skin, etc... but thorugh various natural treatments, they have cleared up over the last few years....

However, after almost anythging I eat, My stomach balloons. It doesn't hurt, I'm not in pain. I can suck it in, if need be... so it doesn't cause me too much trouble. (I have a thin frame and have never had a weight problem.) Sometimes if I haven;t eaten much, when I wake up it will be flat, but as soon as I eat something - the balloon is back. I have lived with this for about 7 years. I recognize it is not good, but it is not very troublesome either.

Lately, I have been having teeth troubles. I take care of my teeth quite well and don;t each much sugar so this is worrying. I'm afarid I am not absorbing the needed nutrients.

Of course, I don;t want the culprit to be gluten, esp. because my job entails lots of eating out. At the moment, I don;t eat much dairy - just once in a while.

I am considering many options - colon cleanse, yeast diet, and maybe Dr. Fine. It is very hard for me to maintain a gluten -free diet - b/c even if I go on it for a few days - which I have - I don;t feel very bad once I eat it again. I have also heard it takes a long time for the bloating/distention to clear up...

I have been to "regular" doctors - though found nothing. One doctor tested for celiac - results were negative. though I know this does not rule out sensitivity.

if any of this rings any bells for anyone - I would be grateful.

Best wishes.

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I am not sure what you are asking here or if you just want an opinion.

so I will just give you my opinion. I think that you are getting intestinal damage at the least.

I would advise a complete work up with your doctor to check for evertyhing from a blockage to cancer.

I do not usually advise an endoscopy as I think it is an invasive procedure, but for you I think you need to get one. Maybe your attitude about a gluten free diet might change when you saw the shape that your intestines are in. Of course you could still have damage & it not show up on a biopsy.

Then I would test thru enterolab.com to get the gene test & the gluten, egg, soy, & dairy picture.

Seems you know about Dr. Fine & enterolab...

But if you do not want to go on a gluten free diet then maybe you should not get tested and just continue on as you are. It is all up to you. We are all ultimately responsible only for ourselves.

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Thanks for your response. I guess I was just looking for someone who had a similar situation - and then perhaps if their stomach went back to normal - or how long it took to go back to normal. Or if it seemed likely that the teeth situation is linked....

Though your opinion is also helpful. i guess the reason I am writing on this forum is because I know it's time to do something about this... my "symptoms" are very non-conclusive. recently blood tests showed low white blood cells. But like I said - I feel fine, so it's hard to pull it all together.

I am right now gluten free (only for a few days) and I suppose I will have to begin to explore further with doctors.


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