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Waiting On Test Results, Need Some Advice

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Good Morning,

This is my first time posting on here. I have read many posts and so many sound familier. A few weeks ago I went to a gastro doc on the advice of a new primary care physician. I have had stomach issues (mostly D) for over seven years now. For all of these years I was told I has IBS and take some fiber. This has NOT worked. The doctor did a full panel of tests to include a Celiac Test. I am waiting on the results of that test. In the meanwhile my tests that would show any malnutrition (vitamin deficiencies, anemia, etc.) all came back OK. I live on Imodium. If I do not take at least two every morning, I cannot leave the house and live in pure fear that I will have an accident (it has happened in the past). In addition, I have always been very thin. I had both my gallbladder removed and an emergency appendectomy last year and have not been able to put back on the 15 pounds I have lost. Based on everything I have read, It does sound like a gluten intolerance. My question is, if the tests come back showing that I do not have Celiac, what are my options. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy in early October, but cannot stand living like this. I am very tempted to try to gluten free diet even if the test comes back negative. Any thoughts on how I should proceed???

Thanks so much!


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