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Uggh, Bad Blood Tests Results - I New It - Glutened

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I have been so good in watching EVERYTHING ..... somehow something escaped me -

A Gliadin IgA 53.2

A Gliadin IgG 11.3 (okay)

t Transglutyamin 85.3

Immunoglob A 336 (okay)

The dr called today and just told me to stop eating gluten - I have never intentionally have eaten gluten since I was dx

I went over and picked up my blood work, and I see it is not good, but as usual nothing was explained to me - I know the one is for antibodies = first time trying to read this myself, and could use some help or pm me, please

This explains why I lost another 9 pounds - Hubby took me out to eat a month ago = once at pf changs ( 1st time out at resturant - ordered off gluten-free menu - all of us), and one time chili at wendy's - (no crackers) would I still have that in my system to register on a blood test? I was told it would take 3 months to get my system back in order.... then I have to do another blood test.

I have been so faithful to cooking everything myself, I guess I just wanted to be human again, and I am suffering.

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Were your levels lower than when you were diagnosed? Maybe your body just takes a long time to heal, and your levels will come down to normal eventually.

I have eaten the chili from Wendy's and wasn't glutened.

Being glutened (if you were, you should have known at the time) wouldn't show up in blood work a month later, I don't think.

Is your house gluten-free, or is there a chance of cc still?

Are you sure you've eliminated all possible sources of gluten?

How arrogant of your doctor to just tell you to stop eating gluten! Didn't you tell him that you don't ever intentionally eat gluten? It would be good if he would be more helpful than that.

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Do I read your signature right that you've only been gluten free for a few months? It can take up to two years for all the antibodies to disappear from your blood as far as I know, some of them are more long lived than others, and of course it's normal to make some mistakes with your diet in the beginning.

It would make more sense to look at your initial blood test results and to compare them to see if your antibodies have started to go down.

Have your symptoms improved? If they have I really wouldn't worry.


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Dear Paulina, and Ursa Major

Thank-you for responding and your help.

My symptoms have been slowly getting better, in the beginning I was almost bedridden, couldn't even turn my head, and my lower back was full of aches and pains. I see drastic improvements....hubby and I were even talking about that the other day, I couldn't even drive back then.

My first blood tests were very similar to these...but I was not eating very much at all of anything at the time I was dx'd and everything still registered.

They were when dx in Feb/07:

IgA 55.9

IgG 4.8

T trans 89.1 and 87.2 (this was run 2 times 10 days apart)

Now 9/07:

A Gliadin IgA 53.2

A Gliadin IgG 11.3 (okay) - up

t Transglutyamin 85.3

Immunoglob A 336 (okay) - first test

I was told that I had a good test in between the first and this one...but I have no recollection of that, nor no copies of the test.

DR said that it will take 3 months now to get this out of my system...it would still show so I will need another blood test in Dec to see results then.

I was officially dx in Feb - went off gluten, but had the trial and errors in the beginning, but thought I was doing so well.

Hardley eat anything processed at all because of the neuropathy I used to have, and trying to get rid of all the bad stuff..

My house is totally gluten-free, noone eats gluten there....my little girl needs to be gluten-free too. She is doing fabulous!!! We got rid of all the gluten pans, plastic, toasters, etc.... I threw away all flours, noodles, mixes, etc...

I didn't feel sick after wendy's but Pf changs - it was sooo good, but the next 4 days, I was sooo ill. I had been glutened for sure. That was over a month ago.

The dr's in my town are not very helpful at all! Noone wants to spend the time to help at all, the usual - 15 min appt, don't eat wheat/gluten....just as most people on the board, I have been reading books about celiac, and looked up information, and received so much useful info from others here on the board.

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