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Guest mmc

I Want A Krispy Kreme!

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Judy, try this:

4 cups Arrowroot powder or sweet rice flour

2 coconut flour, very finely ground or sweet rice flour

1 c sorghum or teff flour

1/4 c xanthan gum.

It won't taste like a Krispy kreme clone. But it will taste good.

Here's the rest of the recipe, feel free to use Better-n-Milk or a nutmilk variation instead of dairy (I do all the time). Once again, this changes the recipe from being a clone, but it's still good.


2. Step Two: Make the Donuts


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WHERE is the recipe for that angel food cake!??? :rolleyes:

Well in this town (Central California), they just mercifully CLOSED our Krispy Kreme.....I think that's a good thing, for me anyway.....if I had to SMELL it all the time, I would die... :( I feel for ya!

Susie, check out http://foodphilosopher.com/assets/docs/dbf...endly.cfm?ID=45

here's the link for the flour blend: http://foodphilosopher.com/assets/docs/dbf...endly.cfm?ID=28

I've made this 3 times. The first time I didn't sift the flour and it was a bit heavier, but didn't fall out of the tube pan when it was upside down cooling. The second and third time, I didn't "sift" but put the flour through a fine mesh colander/strainer. Both times the cake was great, but fell out of the pan during cooling. The third time I was smart and put it to cool over a clean cookie sheet so when it fell it wouldn't fall far and we'd still be able to eat it. The third time I took it to a giant barbecue/birthday party and everyone who tried it said it was really good, and a couple of gluten eaters asked for the recipe. We served it with strawberries and whipped cream. All three times I used the brown rice flour blend, because that's what the cookbook calls for. The website suggested a Hagman bean blend.

Linda, Mom to Ty (11 years old)

Ty was diagnosed by blood test June 7/05

biopsy Aug 11/05, diagnosis confirmed Aug 18/05

Mom, Dad and big brother Celiac-free.

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