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Help Interpret Enterolab Results

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Finally received Enterolab results and are as such:

Fecal Antigliadin IgA 14 Normal <10

Fecal AntitissueTransglutaminase IgA 10 Normal <10

Quantitative Fecal Fat <300 Normal <300

Fecal anti-casein IgA 12 Units Normal <10

HLA-DQB1, Allele 1 0201

HLA_DBQ1,Allele 2 0201

Serologic Equiv. HLA-DQ 2,2 (Subtype 2,2)

Even tho I've read everything Enterolab provides, I'm not quite sure about things (especially the gene part)

Should I go gluten and dairy free? If so, how do I start...It's all so overwhelming.

Also, am thinking of having my 13 year old tested. He has battled severe eczema, asthma and diarrhea and GERD his whole life, just for the Drs to tell me. "It's just allergies, he'll outgrow it"

Thanks for your help

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DQ 2 is one of the main genes for celiac disease, if I recall correctly and you have a double copy. You're definitely gluten sensitive and casein sensitive too. Give up dairy and gluten and see how you feel! Because you have two copies of the same gene you can bet your child also has the same gene.

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