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Hiatal Hernias, Potassium Deficiency, Feeding Tube

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It is just over a month now that I had surgery to repair a hiatal hernia for the third time in 6 years. It was the same hernia that broke open each time. The first time in 2002 started with vomiting and dry spams. Nothing show on the tests; but the doctor I was seeing said " something is wrong and we will find out". He order a barium swallow. The hernia showed up at once. It was only a wait until I could get schedule for surgery. Four days in the hospital and I was having dry heaves & body spams as I left the hospital. Two years later (2005) I had emergency surgery to repair the damage. This time 3 weeks in the hospital and not appetite. I still had body spams; but not as bad as after the first surgery. In May of this year I started have spams again, sore throat, etc. At first it was thought I had an allergic reaction to lisinophril I was taking for blood pressure. Change of blood pressure medicine help; but didn't solve the problem. Barium swallow again; I need more surgery to repair my hernia. This time all product used were gluten free. My doctor learned about Celiac problem this time. I spent a week in the hospital, and had a feeding tube put in place. One tube goes into the stomach area and the feeding tube is placed on the duodenum of the small intestine. At first I was on a 24 hour feeding schedule, now I am receiving the same amount of food in 16 hours, so I have 8 hours free. My food is Fibersource HN with Nutrishield. Each can has 1/4 of the daily recommended FDR . I take 6 cans daily. Four and 7 tenth cans gives me 1,400 calories. I am now allow a soft diet starting with water yogurt, soup, etc. My body has responded. My skin is no longer dry, improved hair growth, and nails I have again. I have had only a few spams this time. The doctor feels the spams are the cause of the damage. It is taking me longer to respond this time and it is hope that I will not need another repair in the future.

I looking for other causes for the problem as I thought I was on a gluten-free diet all this years.

Betty L

Betty L.

Meridian, ID

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