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In Algonquin, IL is WONDERFUL! I had read on her that they have a gluten-free menu so when we were out yesterday and we wanted to go out to eat we decided to give them a try. I went in side 1st to make sure that location could accomidate our gluten-free DD and they were AMAZING!!!!!!!! The menu was huge for the gluten-free stuff! I was so excited my 7 dd could actually get her fav meal pasta alfredo at a resteraunt. She was over joyed too. The waiter wonderfull too. he said the chef would make anything she wanted. I even asked if we could have a kids sized portion and they had no problem with it and only charged us $3.95! I even asked for a seperate grated cheese dish and spoon just incase the one on the table might have been cc and it was not a problem! To be honest I think I liked DD's gluten-free pasta better than mine! I also loved that for my sons mac and cheese it was real mac and cheese not from a box that so many places do. I think we have found our new fav place to eat.

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