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Louisiana Fish Fry Products

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Being a southern girl ;) there are a few things i have been missing! So, i called Louisiana Fish Fry Products who sells nationally but are based here in Baton Rouge. Here is the list she faxed to me.....

Gluten free products:

Coatings and Breadings:

Fish Fry Seasoned

Fish Fry All Natural

Fish Fry New Orleans Style with Lemon

Entrees and Mixes:

Southwest Chile Mix

Dirty Rice Mix ( i am sooo excited about this!)

Jambalaya Mix (yay!)

Seafood and Boils:

Crawfish, Crab and Shrimp Boil

Crawfish, Crab, and Shrimp Liquid Boil


Cocktail Sauce (yahoooooo!!!)

Tartar Sauce ( :) )

Seafood Sauce

Remoulade Dressing

Hot Sauce


Cajun Seasoning

Blackened Fish Seasoning

Chinese Red Pepper Seasoning


All Spices



Enjoy! I am soooo excited!

-Ali :)

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Celiacs and anyone else with gluten allergies/sensitivities, Hashimoto’s, etc, please beware—

Louisiana Cajun seasoning (and I assume this applies to all of their products based on their response below) cannot be considered “gluten free” due to cross-contamination. Here is the response I received directly from the company today 07/17/2018 — 

“Our Cajun Seasoning is gluten free. We are unable to list that on the package because we are not considered a gluten free facility. We do process other products that contain gluten and there is a small chance of cross contamination. We to everything we can to prevent this, but there is always a small chance. 

I hope this information helps. Have a great day! 

Best wishes, 

Rachel Belote 
Louisiana Fish Fry Products 
Order Processing Specialist 
5267 Plank Rd 
Baton Rouge LA 70805 
(225)356-2905 ext 254 
(225)358-4178 fax”


Dear moderator — please move this response and important information up to the top of this chain if possible. We don’t want the wrong info out there. Thank you!

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Unless a person is really super sensitive, this should not be a problem.Many foods that say "gluten free" on the label also produce gluten containing foods on the same equipment. If it is thoroughly cleaned between runs, there is not a problem. One reason many gluten free foods do not list that on the label is that the law requires frequent testing to show the gluten is below 20 parts per million. This gets to be very expensive for the company. I have used these products a lot with no reaction at all, and I am pretty sensitive.

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