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I have been having a really hard time digesting nuts and sunflower seeds. I get really bloated and tired if i eat a bunch of nuts/sunflower seeds. Why cant i digest these foods. I have been gluten free for 9 months and i thought if my gut has healed these fatty nuts shouldnt be a problem. What do you think? Will my body get better at digesting these fats if i keep eating them. Also has anyone else had a problem with eating Ruffles regular potato chips. Maybe its just the fat content giving me issues. I cant even eat a LARA Bar without feeling like crap.

28 yr old Male

Diagnosed Celiac in February 2007

Gluten-free/Casein Free

HLA DQ 2,3 Subtype (2,8) I have both celiac genes!


1 child 9 months- Levi

Yeast/Bacteria overgrowth


Wayne Dyer

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well, I cannot eat potato chips, but seems like I remember someone saying that they got a reaction from Ruffles/ Do they have canola oil in them? I also cannot tolerate canola oil.

9 months, mmm what is a sample of your daily diet? are you sure you are healed yet? How long were you sick?

Have you tried the nut butters, like almond butter, cashew butter...

I also cannot eat Lara Bars - I do not know what they put in them - but it has to be something not on the label. Because I can eat all nuts & dates etc etc...

I just keep fresh dates on hand & nuts & dried fruit - & forget the "bars"

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It may take more than nine months for your gut to heal.

If you are having problems digesting something, I don't think it is going to get better if you just continue eating the thing giving you problems. That is your body giving you a clue that something is wrong.

It could be you are sensitive to fat or your gut isn't up to dealing with it yet. Do you react to all fatty foods or just some? How fatty has your diet been in the last 9 months?

I would suggest that it might be a sodium problem, but you mention Lara Bars. I'm pretty sensitive to fat but I can handle them & they don't have lots of sodium (unlike the other things you mention, assuming that the nuts you tried to eat were salted). I only have them rarely, though, and on days when I haven't had any other source of fat (other than the little natural bits in plant foods).

What kind of oil is used with Ruffles? That might be a clue.

I have had bad reactions to nuts before, but attributed it to cross-contamination. The package had a "made on the same machinery" warning on it. Remember that warnings like that are voluntary; so you can't assume there isn't a CC problem just because there is no warning like that.

McDougall diet (low fat vegan) since 6/00

Gluten free since 1/6/07

Soy free and completely casein and egg free since 2/15/07

Yeast free, on and off, since 3/1/07 -- I can't notice any difference one way or the other

Enterolab results -- 2/15/07

Fecal Antigliladin IgA 140 (Normal Range <10 units)

Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 50 (Normal Range <10 units)

Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score 517 (Normal Range <300 units)

Fecal anti-casein (cow's milk) IgA antibody 127 (Normal Range <10 units)

HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0501

HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 06xx

Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 1,1 (subtype 5,6)

Fecal anti-ovalbumin (chicken egg) IgA antibody 11 (Normal range <10 units)

Fecal Anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae (dietary yeast) IgA 11 (Normal range <10 units)

Fecal Anti-Soy IgA 119 (Normal Range < 10 units)

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