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April in KC

Had A Big Reaction Yesterday Because I Was Embarrassed To Tell The Extent Of My Food Issues

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My understanding is that goat milk does have casein, which is slightly different from cow's milk casein. It will vary from person to person how strongly they react, but it is not really recommended for someone with a casein intolerance.

Do you remember where you heard this? My understanding has always been that the major casein in goat's milk is dissimilar to the one in cow's milk, at least dissimilar enough that some who can't tolerate the latter can tolerate the former. I know we've had this discussion before on this board. Some people react to any kind of milk; some don't. I've never seen any statistics. Any links you have on the subject would be appreciated. I now occasionally indulge in a little goat's milk cheese and haven't noticed my usual casein reaction. But I can be persuaded to stop if this really isn't a good idea :(

Examples of what I've read:



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