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Quickest Bread Ever!

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:D I am sooo excited. This recipe was posted to the celiac newgroup by a woman named Betty. I just tried it to go with our soup and I am amazed! I wasn't sure what she meant by "soup bowl" so I used about a 1 Qt. Pyrex bowl. It worked, but I think next time I'll try the old shallow soup bowls I have. I added a small drizzle of olive oil to the mix. Next time will probably add a tiny bit more olive oil because it did stick in one little spot. I also think I put in a tad too much salt. The recipe calls for a lot of baking powder which I think might taste a bit salty. I didn't measure my salt. Just put in about 4 shakes which I think was about 3 shakes too much. Other than that, no complaints.

This does not taste like a loaf type bread, but more like a biscuit. Daughter just loves the stuff! I'd say one loaf would make 2 servings. Not sure if you could make the recipe bigger or not. Perhaps just make several batches. It's nice because you mix it and bake it in the same bowl.

I also think this would be yummy with some herbs mixed in, or maybe nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor. Or real cheese if you are lucky enough to eat that. Would also make a nice quick breakfast with a bit of cinnamon and sugar mixed in. I can see it drizzeled with a bit of vanilla icing or even some berries or apple pie filling. Yum! Anyway... I have copied and pasted the recipe as written here. Hope she doesn't mind my reposting it, but the newsgroup doesn't seem to get much activity and the recipe is so good I wanted to pass it along.

"Hi All

It's been quite a while since iI posted but I just had to post a very

simple delicous bread recipe I have developed. Like my mother used to

say "necessity is the mother of invention". We travel a lot for Ken's

work these days and I was forever running out of bread. Then I

developed an allergy to yeast and eggs and that blew all my gluten-free recipes

out of the water for me so I began to experiment with a baking powder

recipe called "lazy man's bread." I found most rice breads have a

tendency to rise beautifully and then drop just before they are done.

I decided to try my own version of this recipe in the microwave

reasoning that since the bread always drops when almost cooked the

microwave might fix this and it worked really well. The recipe I

developed works really well in the corningware plain open stock bowls.

A large soup bowl (not the ceral bowls that come in the sets) makes a

small loaf and two rice bowls can be used instead for buns. I use the

rice flours from the Asian isle in the supermarket. My brand is Ivory

brand and since it is imported from Thailand it is not likely to be

cross sontaminated with wheat flour. The secret to the nice texture is

the sweet rice flour AKA glutenous or sweet rice flour.

Here is my recipe:

Microwave Rice Bread

1/2 cup rice flour

1 heaping teaspoon glutenous rice flour (also called sticky rice flour

and yes it glutten is free even though the name implies


1/4 to 1/2 tsp salt (according to taste)

1 tbsp baking powder

1/2 cup soda water ot carbonated spring water

If I am baking this in the bigger bowl I just put dry ingredients in

the bowl and mix them then I mix in the carbonated water and put it in

the mocrowave immediately for 3 minutes and in a total of 5 minutes

or less I have a soft delicious loaf of bread. This is best eaten

fresh but it is so simple I don't mind baking one whenever I am hungry

for bread. It also makes a delicious hamburger bun it you bake it in

two rice bowls instead.

I have also addapted this recipe to a strawberry shortcake by adding a

bit of sugar (about 1 tbsp) and vanilla. It can also take a bit of

margarine added to it to make it richer. I just go a bit heavy on the

flour or a bit light on the water.

If I have to stay in a hotel I just put the dry ingredients for one

recipe in a ziploc bag and when I get there all I have to do is put it

in my bowl and add 1/2 cup of carbonated water. this is so great since

most hotels have a microwave. This also works with plain water but

since rice flour is hard to make rise using carbonated water makes it


Just hink this is a great one for kids who hate crusts since it is

crust free. Hope you all enjoy the fresh bread as much as I and my

other celiac friends have. Betty"

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well I'm sure going to give it a try.

my diet is so limited on ingred now i can have all of this.

can't wait to try.

actually going to try in am.

thanks so much

judy in philly

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Thank you for posting this! We have all been on this diet for over two years, but baking still terrifies me. We haven't had actual bread (besides the Kinnikinnick sandwhiches my kids eat) since going on the diet. I seem to mess up even the simplest recipes! But this, I might actually be able to bake this. Thanks again.

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This looks great! Thanks :D

I'm excited about trying it--it looks so simple. I'm thinking with the cooler weather, this would be so good with stews and things.

Judy--let me know how yours comes out :P

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This looks so easy. I can't wait to try it. I don't have the ingredients for it now so if anyone makes it please post how it goes.

Thanks for posting the recipe Juliebove!

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