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Pectin And Diarrhea

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A small give-back in appreciation for this site, which I've discovered a few days ago. It's been so helpful.

As I have been reading past threads, getting to know this site I remembered something.

Some users have written about problems with diarrhea. This is no cure for the underlying cause of diarrhea, but it may help a diarrhea suffer get through the day.

When I was living in Mexico, where sanitation on the street and in some restaurants often is so poor that Mexicans and visitors alike can experience gastric distress pretty regularly, I picked up the home remedy for relieving (not curing) diarrhea, which is to stir some pectin into water and drink it.

Pectin is a plant derivative, usually extracted from citrus peels and apples. It has no gluten in it. It's an ingredient used in making preserves and jelly. It should be available in any decent-sized grocery store. That's where I've found it. Look where they stock the glass jars for canning.

Pectin has a nice citrusy taste. Its plus is that it reduces the frequency of needing to run to the bathroom, and it helps the person not lose so much body fluid.

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