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Cinnamon "rolls" Using Pamela's Wheat Free Bread Mix

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Originally I was going to make bagels. The recipe for bagels was right on the bag, and I was excited. Then I noticed the "add-ins" for flavored breads could also be used for bagels. One was cinnamon and sugar, but I was out of sugar. But, I had brown sugar and decided to try that instead. When I tried to "fold-in" the cinnamon and brown sugar, the dough wouldn't stick together, so I left it as lumps. Then I boiled them and baked them just like the recipe for bagels says. Before baking, I dipped each lump back in the cinnamon and brown sugar so the top was covered.

They definitely didn't look like bagels, but they tasted great! Even my non-celiac (hates anything gluten-free) husband tried a bite and said that he never would have guessed they're gluten free!

Next time, I might try to flatten the dough into strips and dip the strips into the cinnamon and brown sugar and roll them up so they don't look so lumpy. Also, I need to make some super-sweet icing to put on them :)

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