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9-yr.-old With Symptoms

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My son has been suffering with noticeable digestive and other symptoms for a little under a year. Nine mos. ago, the Dr. ordered a test for Celiac Disease but led me to believe that my son was just probably deficient in some digestive enzyme, so I didn't have him tested.

My son has always suffered with some digestive ailment. A lot of "bellyaches", bloating, gas, and especially diarrhea. Recently, however, I noticed that some of his fingernails are growing in with some deformity. After researching the nail condition on the internet, my husband and I have determined that it is a condition called Beau's Lines which can be an indicator of anemia, malnourishment or trauma to the nail. (He has had no trauma to his fingernails)

In addition, he had developed 6 cavities within one year. The pediatric dental surgeon said his teeth were discolored and he had weak enamel which was the cause of his dental caries. I've read that is can also be a symptom of Celiac Disease.

He doesn't have chronic diarrhea. He'll have periods of diarrhea for days at a time and then other symptoms (gas, bellyaches, bloating) will continue without the diarrhea.

I am calling for an appointment with his Dr. tomorrow and will demand that he be tested for Celiac Disease.

Here are his symptoms. Tell me what you think...

Diarrhea (usually right after a meal or during)

Abdominal Pain


Weak tooth enamel & Discoloration

Fatigue (all the time)

No energy

Beau's Lines

Constipation (sometimes)

Scared to eat too much b/c of bellyaches

No appetite (a new symptom)

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I think he has alot of symptoms. Before I was diagnosed, I would be eating a bowl of shredded wheat, and sometimes I couldn't even finish the bowl before I had to run to the bathroom.

You should definetly call your Dr and get him checked out.

Keep us updated!


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