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Anyone Else Have Mrkh? Odds Are 1 In 5000

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I just wondered since this is such a large group, if anyone else has MRKH? Celiac is 1 in 133 and you complain about doctors. When it is 1 in 5000, you are a guinea pig for most. When I read the post are support groups important to you? It made me think that has what has helped me through so much in the last year and a half. This group helped me to see it's okay to try the gluten free diet even with a negative blood test. Others experiences have been so helpful to me. I do so understand the doctor frustration. I'm lucky that my family doctor agrees. I lucked out when I brought it up to him because he had went to a seminar the week before. He still had the papers in his car and gave me copies of it all.

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