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Ribs Recipe Has Beer...

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I have this amazing ribs recipe that I want to make this weekend... it uses 1 bottle of beer. Now, the thing is, I don't really know WHY it needs beer. I could go out and get some Redbridge to use, but I don't know if it'll do the same thing... and I'm pregnant, so I won't be drinking the rest of it any time soon. I would love it if someone who knows the chemistry behind cooking could tell me what purpose the beer serves, and if something else would do the same thing. I've posted the recipe here for you kitchen chemists to evaluate... and for the rest of you to enjoy (assuming we get an answer on the beer thing).

Btw, the Old Bay in the barbeque sauce is what gives it *kick*. When I serve the ribs, I usually make 2 batches of bbq sauce, one with 1tbls of Old Bay per cup, and the other with ~1/4 cup of Old Bay per cup. You can also vary the amount of Old Bay in the cooking sauce, but I don't think it has as much of an effect as the sauce.

Old Bay

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