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Saw The Doc Today

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Well, I think my visit with the docter went OK. She listened to me, and ordered some labs (not all the ones I wanted though). She doesn't think I have celiac based on the fact that I don't have the severe diarrhea that a lot of you have (or had). I did take my copy of Peter Green's book with me, and she agreed that he should be a reliable source. My main problem at the moment is extreme fatigue and brain fog.

She ordered total IgA, IgA endomysial antibodies, and IgA tTG. The other two tests recommended are not available at our institution! She also ordered a CBC, B12 level, folate. iron, and ferritin, and has referred me to a GI specialist. It is the same one who did my colonoscopy several years ago, and I remember that I liked him.

She tends to think my fatigue stems more from poor sleep, and prescribed Requip for my restless leg syndrome. She was willing to listen, and spent far longer with me than the 15 minutes alloted for visits. I think my poor sleep has more to do with working night shift for 30+ years, but what do I know! :lol::lol:

Before I see the GI doc, I need to write out all of my symptoms and the reasons that I think I may be celiac, because of brain fog, I forget things I intended to mention (like brain fog...).

I'll keep y'all updated!


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