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Yummy Italian "goulash"!

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I'm no pro in the kitchen, but I do like to modify foods we once ate with gluten to a gluten-free version. This time was an Itlalian goulash. We usually make this when we don't have anything else in the house to eat except spaghetti--but don't want just spaghetti. (Sorry, I wish it was CF, too, but I bet you CF folks out there could modify it as such).

1pkg Tinkyada shell pasta

1lb hamburger

1 cup frozen corn (or veggie of your choice)

As much spaghetti sauce as you want (we use Classico)

Mozarella Cheese

Boil pasta, as directed on package.

Brown ground beef in large skillet. Drain.

Add pasta, corn, sauce to ground beef and stir to mix.

Cover about 5-8 minutes to heat everything through.

Stir in mozarella cheese. Cover again 1-3 minutes to melt.

When all cheese is melted, serve!

This made a TON for our family of 4, we didn't even finish it, so froze the remaining amount for another meal. It is super yummy and super easy! I'll probably use a green veggie next time, but it was the day before "grocery shopping day" and all I had on hand was corn.

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