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Celebrities With Celiac Disease?

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I'm sorry because I don't know exactly where to post this soooo, feel free to move it around.

Okay, anyone know of any celebrities with Celiac Disease?

The only thing I've heard is that Bill Clinton has it but wouldn't announce it publically because wheat is so cheap to produce that he didn't want to hurt the economy by people getting tested and then eliminating some of the wheat eaters.....

This sounds very rumorish to me....

10-06 Diagnosed Urinary Tract Infection (Allergic to Cipro, Bactrim, Macrobid, Doxycycline, Monocycline, Penicillin) - This UTI is still present with no symptoms.

10-06 Diagnosed "Acid Reflux" (Nexium didn't work)

12-06 Endoscopy diagnosed Gastritis (Negative Bioposy)

12-06 Negative bloodwork for Celiac Disease, Diagnosed "Gastroparesis" - Started Zelnorm

1-07 Diagnosed "IBS-C" - Still taking Zelnorm

3-07 HIDA scan to check gallbladder which was fully functional.

3-07 Zelnorm taken off market, started Domperidone

4-21-07 Emergency Appendectomy (FUUUNN!)

7-24-07 Enterolab results came back positive

Gluten Free since that night....

...Still not feeling great.

"Don't expect constant success, but strive for constant growth."

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Bill Clinton said that he has a "wheat allergy" and eats gluten-free on the Rachel Ray show last year. I saw the episode, so that much isn't a rumor.

Elizabeth Haselback from The View is a Celiac--she has spoken about it and even had Dr. Peter Green (her doctor) on the show.

Susie Essman from Curb Your Enthusiasm, as well as Heidi Collins, a CNN Anchor and her son are also Celiac.


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Here is a list I found complied on the web.

Amy Yoder Begley (Competed in Beijing Olympics as a runner)

Cedric Benson (NFL)

Sarah Joy Brown (Actress on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Meg Cabot (Author)

Heidi Collins (former CNN anchor)

Zooey Deschanel (Actress)

Scott Michael Foster (Actor, currently on Greek)

Jennifer Esposito

Susie Essman (Actress on Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Rich Gannon's (NFL Quarterback) daughter, Danielle

Thom Hartmann (Air America Radio)

Elizabeth Hasselback ("The View")

Katherine, Duchess of Kent

Dean McDermott (Actor)

Dannii Minogue (Younger sister to Kylie Minogue the singer)

Keith Olbermann (Countdown with Keith Olbermann)

Mickey Redmon (former pro hockey player)

Emmy Rossum (Actress)

Joe Stanton (Cartoonist who draws Batman, Green Lantern, Archie & Scooby-Do)

Jane Swift (former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor)

Hayley Turner (English Flat Racing Jockey)

Sarah Vowell

Carrie Willoughby (Paralympic Swimmer)

Deborah Ann Woll (Actress, currently on True Blood)

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Celebrities with Celiac...are the numbers growing? - Atlanta Gluten-Free Food | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/gluten-free-food-in-atlanta/celebrities-with-celiac-are-the-numbers-growing

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There is a UFC fighter who recently found out he has Celiac.

It was very inspirational to my son.

There was an article posted here about this guy earlier this week.

Don't know if that counts as a celebrity, but it did the trick for my son!

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.


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Deb Wheaton, the mother of Wil Wheaton, the actor (Star Trek, NG) and his sister, Amy, have it.

her blog was mentioned here this week via Wil's blog http://www.notevenacrumb.com/

Keith Olberman was on MSNBC, he currently can be found on Twitter and the blogs during his hiatus until his new gig starts at Current TV.

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Al Roker's daughter eats gluten free.

AND btw...Where did Heidi Collins disappear too. She did some great Pubic Service Announcements for Celiac Disease.


Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

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