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Making The Whole Family gluten-free?

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Thanks again, everyone!

I took the plunge yesterday. I scrubbed my kitchen from top to bottom & completely reorganized it. I broke the news to my kids. My eldest ds and my dh both were a bit upset, but I think they'll adjust. I told them they're welcome to have gluten outside the house, so that eased things.

I scrubbed my toaster oven (for nearly 2 hours!) and had toast for the first time in months - it was DELICIOUS! :) I put a note on it saying "No Gluten Please"... then dh came home and decided on a BLT for dinner. "But, how will I toast my bread?" he pouted. He wound up using the regular oven. We only have a half loaf of regular bread, so I figured I'd be safe scrubbing the toaster now & then not buying anymore "real" bread. Who knew this would be the night dh needed toast. Oh, well.

I'll be phasing out the gluten items as we run out of them (namely, cereal), but I think most of the stuff that would need to be prepared is already gone...

Thanks for all the input and advice!


GI "issues" since Nov. 2006;

negative bloodwork for Celiac February 2007

positive Enterolab for Gluten & Casein intolerances 8/7/07

soy-free since 5/07, gluten-free since 6/9/07, dairy-free since 8/9/07, glutamate-free since 7/13/07, trying to find answers...

DS (2yrs)

negative bloodwork 11/07; positive Enterolab for Gluten & Casein Intolerance 12/10/07

dairy & gluten free since 12/11/07

DSs (6yrs & 8yrs)

positive Enterolab for Gluten & Casein Intolerance 1/10/08

dairy & gluten free since 1/11/08

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If it helps, there's a crapload of gluten-free cereal, especially Enviro-Kidz brand, they put a little gluten-free tag in the upper right-hand corner of the gluten free flavors.

If you're going through hell, keep going. ~Winston Churchill

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