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Test Results Were Negative But.....

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I have been following the gluten free diet for 3 days now and have no pain and no bloating. I also feel more energetic. Could it possibly be an allergy without being Celiac? Anyone else have a negative blood test but did have Celiac?

I am newly diagnosed and I talked to my doctor and he said there are 4 different types of blood tests. This is why they are inaccurate unless u like tested positive for like all 4. They did 2 of the 4 when they tested me and I tested negative for one and positive for the other. People disagree but I am going with what a really good doctor told me and he said that having a biopsy done is the only way to know for sure weather you have celiac.

Think about it. Celiac damages the small intestines so if they find damage to your small intestines what better way to know?

PS: I go for my biopsy this thurseday.


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