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Im new here, but not to being gluten free. I have some questions but i guess ill start at the beg

about 5 years ago I started having a lot of stomach problems, i hurt worse everytime i ate and was loosing some weight. i had everyone test done...colonoscopy, endoscopy, uppergi, blood work....I have juvenille rheumatoid arthritis, and also dont have IGA in my blood...therefore I cant NOT test positive for celiac through the blood work. I was neg with all the tests...SOOO I was put on an illimination diet and gluten seemed to be the conclusion. So i went gluten free, things were much better....not perfect but a huge improvement. THen after going to college I decided that hey maybe gluten was ok and i should test it. SO last summer I experimented a little...i was like hey its not celiac sooo its not gonna ruin my intestines, just migh tmake me feel sick. WELL I was fine....so this year at school ive been eating a little gluten, just like a small thing every few days, never a whole meal...more like one cookie. its been fine till a few days ago when i had 2 bites of yummy gluten..sick 30 mins later.

SO other part of story, i got blood work resutsl back and had extremely low triglycerides like 7 when its uspposed to be 150, I looked it up and it can be from malabsoprion/celiac......sooooo im wondering again

im going to the gi wen i get home from school

sooooo i forgot to so my stomach issues consist of lots of pain and diaraeh lol pretty standard...

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