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Re: weddings. We are getting married in February, and we are having the reception at a fire hall to save money. Well, guess what -- they don't put anything on the meat, so that's already gluten-free. The salad will just have croutons on the side, and I will have a box of gluten-free croutons for me, my brother and my aunt. We have a gluten-free cake maker. Virtually everything there will be gluten-free! I believe we may still serve rolls, but I will make sure they have a butter only for my brother and aunt (they will be at different tables) so that their butter doesn't get contaminated.

Now, onto people saying it's "easy" ....

I had people tell me it would be easy, and that was maddening. Absolutely maddening. I know they were trying to be helpful, but it was so infuriating because I just wanted to rattle off all the foods I could no longer have. Yeah, I'd like to see any one of my friends volunteer to do gluten-free for even a week to see what it's *really* like.

I was just miserable for months. The sight of someone else eating a cookie was make me want to cry at times.

But I'm finally getting over it. I mean, I know how to make delicious gluten-free cookies. I can cook. My world isn't over. And there's still gluten-free goodies I can eat.

Hang in there. We're all listening and we all know what it's really like. No one else can. And if someone tells you it's easy, challenge them to go gluten-free for one week.

"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy. I'm telling you it's going to be worth it." - Art Williams

Currently gluten-, casein-, soy- and nightshade-free.

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I don't think that I have been glutened but I just got hit hard with depression. I have been under very much pressure lately, so I think I was letting it build up and now that my life is slowing down reality is sinking in.

I just feel so much like this disease has taken over my life, every aspect of it, and outwarly I try to pretend like I see the positives, but I still feel bad, there is no way I'm still taking in gluten, and I just hate that I am going to have to be so careful for the rest of my life...

I don't know what to do to get myself out of bed anymore, I've ruined my friendships, I'm a million miles from home in school, and I don't even feel like going back anymore because it's full of memories I'll never get back.

I'm tired of pretending like this is easy...I don't want people to tell me it's easy anymore, I don't want to be compared to others anymore. The people who try to understand me, try by asking people that they know with Celiac Disease, and while it is a nice gesture I would like them to ask me, and listen to the things that I do say.

I want my old, convenient, fun life back.

From your signature, it looks like you found out about this in July. That's when I found out about this too. It really is hard right now, but I know that eventually it will get better. Right now, I'm feeling about what your post describes. Its hard but we do have to remind ourselves of the positives and know that we will get through this. Just know that you're not alone in this and I hope that you start to feel better. :)

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Ah the wedding. My boyfriend is great in my life as well and is also very supportive. I had thoughts about who my bridesmaids would be at my wedding only six months ago and couldn't think of a one. Now I could name five or six. You never know what turns life will take. And if neither of you have that, then more attention on the two of you! Take your mom to have a spa day before the wedding and indulge. Who needs tradition?? I've seen weddings with no bridesmaids or groomsmen. It is about the two of you and your love for each other, nothing else.

My boy and I also thought about cakes and such. Before I realized CC was such an issue we thought about doing the top layer gluten-free, now that is a no-go. It will be on a separate table with a no-touch sign :P . But I only need that first bite he feeds me, you know?

And there is always eloping... :D

If you need any help with things to eat or recipes feel free to PM me, I will give you anything I can. I have a great chocolate chip cookie recipe I make when I cry looking at the bakery some days. Let me know if you want it!

Chin up? :) You can always try the chin up in a couple of days if you don't feel like it at the moment too. Baby steps.

Celiac Disease 2007

Spinal Fusion 2006

Grave's Disease 2000

There is a way around every obstacle.

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