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My Son's Igg Is High And Iga Is Negative (or Deficient)?

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Finally received blood test back from doc.

I posted earlier that my son has had gluten intolerance / celiac disease symptoms for over 6 mos. now

I've read about some people being IGA deficient. However, I can't find info. re: Total IgA values to determine deficiency.

In addtition, 2 IgA tests were performed by 2 different labs...why? Could one be the total IgA test?

Any information or advice would be helpful

Here are his blood results:

Gliadin IGA <3

Test performed at SmithKline Beecham, Birmingham, AL


<11 Neg

11-17 Equivocal

>17 Pos.

Gliadin IGA <3

Range same as above Test performed at Quest Diagnostics

Gliadin IGG 40

Range same as above



<5 Neg

5-8 Equiv

>8 Pos

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