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Leaky Shwanz

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Yes, that "shwanz" :)

Have any other guys had this problem. I have been gluten free for just over a month and it seems that I let out a few drops of pee every now and then, mostly when I exert myself. It's not much but I do notice it. I have never had this problem before so it's kind of a nuisance <_< Anyone know what might be causing it?

Edit: Schwanz is a german term for a part of the male anatomy ^_^

So I agree with everyone else that this is not a gluten or gluten free problem. You may have a urinary tract infection. Sometimes those come without symptoms.

I don't know if your back ever bothers you, but I had a very slight bulging disk in my back that damaged the nerve to my bladder. I would "leak" a bit. What helps for me is to lean forward to insure my bladder is emptied at the end. Although I am a girl and it works a tad bit different. Something to look into maybe if your back hurts, or even if it doesn't.

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Dear DM,

My supplement is a probiotic, but it has prebiotics as well. They are beneficial in different ways, and help probiotics do their job better. I take AccuFlora. You can get it at Sam's Wholesale Club. It has no dairy, yeast, gluten, or soy. Still, due to the extreme overgrowth of yeast I have from years of steroids, antibiotics, and birth control, I may need something stronger.

Did you check to make sure the probiotics you were taking had no dairy whatsoever? That could be the trouble. If you are sensitive to casein, the Acidophillus may be derived from yogurt, and making you feel worse. I never thought taking them at night would be best, but I could experiment with that. Thank you for the tip!

You sure said it when you mentioned how people should know how important these good bugs are! L. Salivarius saved my cousin's life. He had the Rota Virus as a teenager, and nearly died. My grandmother read something about probiotics, and we contacted local places to find it. They had to ship it from upstate, but after my cousin got it, he began recovering. I wish I could say the same for his muscles. Due to being so ill from the Rota Virus, he developed Guillon-Barre, a dangerous paralyzing muscle disorder.



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