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Need Some Advice- Strange Symptoms

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Not sure if anyone can help but I really need some advice. Whenever I eat certain foods such as citrus, vinegar, spices, certain teas, honey, cilantro, yogurt I get this very strange feeling in my head (maybe in the sinuses) I feel very spaced out and get very tired. This started 2 years ago and I noticed it right around the time I switched shampoos and was eating field greens with cilantro in them (not sure of there is any connection) can this be linked to gluten sensitivity and digestive problems? whatever is causing these symptoms is present in a wide range of foods so it's kinda hard to avoid everything. thanks

Endoscopy & blood panel all negative 12/09 after being strict w/ gluten free diet

As of 8/09 - Candida Overgrowth, C.difficile overgrowth, elevated fecal anti-gliadin, elevated putrefactive SCFA's

Developed severe lactose intolerance, IBS and food sensitivities in 02 after contracting Giardia from a river in Oregon

Had negative celiac blood work in 02

Elevated stool anti-gliadin Ab (21 with 10 being cutoff for normal) - 2008

Positive for DQ8- 2008

Tested high positive for egg, dairy, soy, ginger, mustard - 2008

Lactulose/Mannitol (leaky gut) test indicated slight intestinal permeability

Improved with gluten free diet but still have spastic constipation

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I would suspect heavy metal toxicity.

Cilantro moves heavy metals. Heavy metals are also linked with candida overgrowth -- you seem to be reacting to foods with probiotics, yeast, or sugar in addition to the cilantro.

I'm not a doctor, but that is what stood out to me.

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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