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Rock Group In Southern California

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I have 2 children who have glutern enteropathy. I also have a gluten intolerance. (we will take the cheek swab gene test next year). I need a ROCK group in Southern California so my husband can become educated. He tries to keep them gluten free but he is not didlgent enough. At least once a week they seem to get into his gluten rich food. It is really frustrating. My 2 y/o ds gets into a gluten fit. He becomes extremely hyper and mean. He also becomes impervious to pain. My daughter cannot concentrate in school. I need some type of education for him.


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Here's the contact for the person nearest you:

Moreno Valley - Support Group

Contact: Kellee Shearer

Raising Our Celiac Kids (R.O.C.K.) - Moreno Valley Chapter

10034 Snipe Circle

Moreno Valley, CA 92557

Tel: (951) 242-8448

E-mail: Treshearer@aol.com

And for the one closer to LA:

Conejo Valley - Support Group

ROCK'n Conejo Valley

Contact: Melissa Riches

Westlake Village, CA 91361

Tel: (818) 706-0197

E-mail: melissa.riches@sbcglobal.net

Her husband is also on the board of CDF and they are both very involved with Celiac advocacy and education.

Contact either of these people; they will almost certainly be a wealth of information.

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