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Help Me With A Plan

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I've had problems with caffeine or regular coffee for quite some time and even read up on caffeine allergy. Seems I have so many of the symptoms. It makes me jittery, brain fog, feeling out of control, light sensitive, heart palpitations, etc. Before I got diagnosed with celiac I was looking into quitting caffeine because of how it made me feel. Then when I got diagnosed I thought all those symptoms could be coming from being celiac. I switched to decaf around the same time as I went gluten free about 3 months ago because I felt so bad. Every time I've had regular coffee during that time, I feel the symptoms again. But decaf coffee seems to make me feel terribly tired. At least that's what I think is causing it.

I've heard others say they switched to organic and there symptoms went away. I also found a caffeine free organic substitute called Soyfee that is carried by my local health food store.

I've gone to decaf several times before and always feel great when I first switch from regular coffee to decaf. This time is the longest I've ever stayed on decaf and I really think I feel fatigued after drinking it. I'm not sure what direction to go to. I am a coffee lover and giving it up will be really hard for me.

Should I go to the caffeine free alternative or try an organic coffee?

And are there organic decaffeinated coffees?

I really need some help on this one...



Dx'd with Celiac Disease 8/01/07

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