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Dr. Or Gp. In Miami Fl.

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We just went to Dr. Lesley Smith in Miami/Miramar area.

She was wonderful with my 14 year old daughter. Is English, and knows celiac well.

After seeing my daughter's rash, and taking a history, she agreed that testing for celiac was a must-do. She jumped right on it.

She does think that stool testing is a load of well....stool.

My daughter with obvious DH, migraines, ADD, anxiety,and no GI signs of celiac, tested positive +18 on Enterolabs stool test. I tested +18, have autoimmune thyroid issues,and react heavily (typical GI) to gluten. I have a son with autism who has been

gluten-free for 4 years. Negative blood tests in past.

My other daughter, age 12 next month, who, despite having a six foot mother and six foot two father still can't get past 4 foot 9 -- she is shorter than her 9 year old brother -- she just tested +36 on the Enterolabs stool test.

After waiting for nearly 4 weeks for test results for gene testing, and other celiac panel blood work, I got a tech to read results over phone, but all he was allowed to say was "Everything looks normal."

I haven't seen results/values or such, and I don't know what a doc who looks down on Enterolabs will do for us if all the blood work looks negative.

That remains to be seen.

But she was easy to get an appt with -- we only waited 3-4 weeks, and she was celiac friendly, but not stool-test friendly, and very thorough, and very kind.

I suppose I will be posting this post somewhere else. Now that I wrote all this, I have a ton of questions......

anyway, I hope this helps.

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