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Does Anyone Actually Feel 100% Better?!?!?!

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I am currently standing at about 9 months 100% gluten free, prior to that I was unsuccessfully gluten free, I didnt know about the "hidden" gluten and was partially free.

My beggining was not as successful but was "better" since going 100% gluten-free earlier this year I see even more improvement..

My best improvement is the fact I dont have to wait to eat until I can "take the chance" of becoming ill after eating...... I get hungry I eat its that simple.

I think the second best thing that happened was the first time I had to "grunt" when in the bathroom, such a glorious sound comapred to what I had before, yeah yeah I know TMI, lol

Third would be finding I did not have to "go without" some of my favorite foods, I have my cookies, brownies and pancakes back! I had missed them so!

I cant say I feel 100% better but a steady 75% at this time, I still have an occational glutening mostly when forced to eat out and am greatful that during my vacation and having 5 houseguests and eating out multiple times I managed NOT to get struck with a poisoning! Cant say all my meals were the best but hey I survived!

It takes time and lucky for me I have the rest of my life to get to 100% but I am enjoying my 75% every day!

Just my .00000002 cents worth

If I knew what I was doing years ago I would have half a clue today!

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I second the casein and the soy as possible culprits. If you don't want to just blindly experiment, you could try the Enterolab testing. Also there are food allergy tests out there as well, could help you find some things to try.

Soy has been shown in research to causing villi blunting, as I have read here.

Some great responses here, I have appreciated reading them, as I am also still struggling with symptoms.

4/2007 Positive IGA, TTG Enterolab results, with severe malabsorption: Two DQ2 celiac genes--highest possible risk.

gluten-free since 4/22/07; SF since 7/07; 3/08 & 7/08 high sugar levels in stool (i.e. cannot break down carbs) digestive enzymes for carbs didn't help; 7/18/08 started SCD as prescribed by my physician (MD).

10/2000 dx LYME disease; 2008 clinical dx CELIAC; Other: hypothyroid, allergies, dupuytrens, high mercury levels

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I feel sooooo much better! for years i had horrible hip and knee joint pain and cronic constipation. I now have normal bm's consistently! more than one day in a row! my bloating and gas went away and the only time I have problems is when I have been glutend. :lol:

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I am some-one that went 47 years without a diagnosis

Here in Australia glucose syrup/dextrose/maltodextrin from wheat is said to have "no detectable gluten" because of the processing renders it at 0.0002% ( 2 parts per million) and is considered "safe" by the Coeliac Society

After chatting in my Aussie Coeliac Yahoogroup I decided as an experiment to cut out any food containing these as well................

The results are positive, brain fog is even less, fatigue lessened even more, depression/mood has lifted...........very subtle differences but noticeable all the same

So I am a Coeliac who can't have these in my diet either . Whether it was because I went for so many years undiagnosed and it has made me even more sensitive I don't know

I don't buy anything that has been processed on any equipment that also processed gluten containing items, my personal care items make-up/skin care etc don't contain gluten

Diagnosed Eczema 1964 aged 16 but with what I know now from research am sure it was Dermatitis Herpetiformis

Diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome 1969 at age 21 but had it from age of 12 many painful episodes over the years( was probably Coeliac all along)

Diagnosed Hashimoto's Disease/Hypothyroid November 1994

Low B12 November 2006

Low B12 (still!) July 2007 Docs are happy with results just above low end of normal..*sigh*....still need to resolve it

Gluten free since October 2006 after failing gluten challenge

Diagnosed Hiatus Hernia and Los Angeles Grade A reflux via endoscopy October 2007

Diagnosed with Coeliac Disease via same endoscopy / biopsy October 2007 (took them long enough!) despite being gluten-free damage still evident although had been taking iron tablets for iron deficiency without realizing they contained gluten. Subsequent blood tests show :Positive Anti-Gliadin IgA EIA antibodies, Positive Endomysial antibodies ,Positive tTG IgA antibodies of 300 ("normal" range 0-15)

Auto-immune disease goes back at least 5 generations in my family (and counting) Mainly Type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Number 1 Son has Type 1 diabetes ..diagnosed March 2007 at age 31, number 2 son aged 24 is A/I disease free so far ,daughter has lichen planus ( similar to psoriasis) diagnosed 2003 at age 17 am now wondering if it is DH but with flippancy of the young she won't get any testing done

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Wow, such great reading here! It looks like this multi-sensitivity to various foods is more the norm and not my own personal nightmare!

Before I forget: the posters asking about the abdominal pain...I had this and still do somewhat. Try a liver/gallbladder cleanse. It worked for me. I had off and on tightness/cramping for years until last Feb. it became servere cramping that didn't go away. I'd be lying fetal on the floor for hours eventually. http://www.curezone.com/clark/liver.asp (you don't need the ornithine or black walnut)

I'm thinking I've always been sensitive to gluten. It just built up so much over 30 years of eating it that it's finally manifested with DH rash on my hands and various other food intolerances.

Good(sad) to hear others have the issue with fruits.

Foods I'm trying to cut out are: gluten, sugars (fruit too), eggs, most dairy (goat milk seems great).

I'm eager to test the age - 20 formula for months. I'm about half way there hopefully!

Ps. Anyone find anywhere to buy Redbridge beer in Calgary?

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