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Dont Feel Better - Could It Really Be Dairy?

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sorry if i keep posting

the same "dont feel good" posts.

but just looking for hope.

been 6 weeks gluten free

and still feel

totally nauseas

and tired.

pretty much




just feel like i should

be gettting

SOME relief from the no-gluten...

ya know?

i eat dairy at least 2x a day...

do you really think cutting that out

could REALLY help my symptoms?

anyone know of any decent

dairy free milk or yogurt...

i just want to feel normal again.

hard to remember what that feels like...

: (

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It could definitely be dairy/casein. I would eliminate it for a couple months and see what happens. It is really common that Celiac patients can't break down dairy while their villi are healing.

The good news is that there are some really good dairy free products (just make SURE they are gluten free).


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Yes--dairy can definately keep you from beginning to heal. The tips of the villi are responsible for secreting the enzyme that we need to digest dairy products. As you are gluten-free, and you heal, the tips will (hopefully) grow back and you will most likely be able to tolerate the dairy again.

I suggest cutting dairy completely for at least 3 months--then try it again to see if there's any reaction.

Other foods like soy and corn can cause ongoing symptoms, too--but I'd start with the dairy and see how you do.


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I have been on this new found gluten-free diet for 5 weeks now.

Guess what?

Every time I consume Dairy I get that bloated, rumbly in the tumbly, Big D, awful feeling.

So, I am quite sure that my Celiac, which I am sure I have had since I was about 7 years old, GAVE me a Lactose intolerance.

Will it get better?

From what Ive been told here and read elsewhere, maybe.

But for now, Milk is the DEBIL! :D

I KNEW the other day when I ate ice cream. I was Sooo tore up!

No more milk for me.

I still eat Whey with no problems however.

It's really not a big thing for me, because I never ate much ice cream, or chocolate, and I never did like ceral. Im an eggs and bacon/sausage kind of guy!

As for feeling normal again.

If normal is what other people eat. Id say we ain't gonna be normal anymore.

But we can be the best we can be!

Eat to live, not live to eat!

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At least try going lactose free, which is easier than going entirely dairy free (no whey or casein as well). I react more obviously to dairy than I do to gluten. There are lots of good dairy replacement products--well, let's be honest, I've never found any decent cheese since I am completely dairy free, and there is casein in most soy cheeses--but there are lots of choices for ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, and drinks. Trader Joe's has a good assortment of dairy free drinks and usually have the best prices. I like their store brand soy milk, and I love Almond Breeze milk. Lots of people like rice milk, and there is some new hemp milk now too. There is good soy ice cream and sorbet almost everywhere--Whole Foods has an especially good assortment. They even have different flavors now--when I was first diagnosed all I could find was vanilla. You can also find dairy free chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

Try again in 6 months or a year and perhaps your intestines will recover. One factor in recovery is how old you are. Good luck.

diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002--all test numbers off the charts

dairy free since 2000, soy free since 2007

other food intolerances: citrus, sesame, potatoes, corn, coffee

fibromyalgia, osteoporosis

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I would go with rice milk, almond milk or hemp milk. Avoid the soy. So many folks are intolerant of it, that it's best to stay away. There is a rice yoghurt I've seen at health food stores as well...have not tried it - don't like yoghurt really.

Make sure you get pacific brand rice milk or almond milk for gluten-free. Or there are others no doubt, but not Rice Dream - that has gluten. The hemp milk is nice because it has good omega oils.

Anyway, I'd definitely cut it out - I can't have dairy at all or I get totally constipated - to the degree of one pat of butter getting me had for days on end. I finally just gave up with it.

I have been making "cheese" from various nuts, lemon juice, garlic, etc., and it is pretty good. So that's always an option when you get to feeling better and want to experiment in the kitchen.

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