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We talked to the doctor, now it's time to consult the experts! ;)

Well Michael and I went to the GI today. I brought with me a list of all of the changes in him during the last 9 weeks. She reviewed his blood tests from his last draw in September along with the print out I brought in. His TTG was normal, his IgA was slightly elevated. She said that she doesn't usually go by the IgA test as they can be thrown off by people with an IgA deficiency. She agreed that since he was DNA tested and carries a Celiac gene (not sure which) that the visit was definitely warranted in relation to the slightly elevated IgA and the change in behavior, personality, belly aches, bizarre poops, dark circles under his eyes after 12 straight hours of sleep, change in appetite and food desires and constant congestion. She said all these things can point to Celiac so it is worth it to check it out just to be safe.

She has ordered a full Celiac panel done along with a CBC with differentials. She is also testing for IgA deficiency. Along with that we collected a stool sample to rule out parasitic infection and are also doing a 3 day stool smear to look for blood in the stool.

She said if all tests come back negative, to keep his diet the same and keep monitoring him. She then wants to reevaluate him in 3-4 months. If any tests come back positive then she will either give us meds to take care of the parasites or get us in for biopsy ASAP. It shouldn't take long if it comes to that, she got Katharine in in less than 2 weeks time.

If anyone has any suggestions of anything else that should be done, please throw them my way.



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Neg blood tests and biopsy Feb 2008

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