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4 Tazo Teas Have Gluten

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Bumping this because the Green Ginger just got me.

I have a variety of tea bags lying around...some years old, and I picked up the green ginger without even thinking to check for gluten. Later on tumbling rumblings and then I can't focus my eyes on what I'm reading--and I'm super confused because I didn't eat anything new today. Finally thought to check the tea, never thinking for a second it'd actually have gluten.

So mad. It's my own fault, but still...so mad! And I'm still having a hard time reading, which is just great, considering it's integral for my job. Why does the tea even need gluten in it?!

Crossing Tazo off the list of teas I'll drink from now on. *bitter sulking*

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Watch out for Starbucks because that is the brand they sell. They almost got me once when I asked for plain green tea on a trip and they put some sort of flavored green tea in the cup - which I thankfully sniffed before taking any sip out of. Ask to see the teabags to be served in the original wrapper and you dunk it.

2 weeks ago at another restaurant I ordered plain green tea and got flavored again, which I unfortunately did take a sip of before I caught myself - no harm done, but frustrating because that was not what I ordered, and I was specifically ordering off a gluten free menu in a restaurant known for having one that otherwise does okay.

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