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Denver Co, Deby's gluten-free Bakery And Cafe

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Myself and my family arrived last week in denver and spent quite a bit of cab fare getting to and from "deby's"

My honest yet humble opinion is as follows.......


Yes its all gluten-free

The menu has a great variety and it was AWESOME to be able to order anything I wanted on the menu and NOT have to edit it or talk to the chef!

Yes it tastes better than I have made at home (still a gluten-free baking rookie)

There were a few surprising products on the shelves which I have seen in my grocery store but said, nope that "has" to have gluten in it and walked right on by without looking at the ingredients.

They will ship some items via mail. Obviously pies and cakes wont ship very well but they also had mixes availble for purchase.

Drawbacks...... yes it has a couple

Prices are high, I paid just under $10 for 6 cinnamon rolls but they are pretty good. I may buy more later but at that price it will be a rare treat for me.

Not sure I liked the location, I was there after 5pm and all the surrounding business's were closed. Needless to say it was a bit "eerie".

The evening staff (while patient with me being in awe of the menu and trying to decide what I couldn't live without) was not very concerned with making sure the orders were correct. In fact it wasn't just myself with messed up orders, the cook was speaking with the waitress/cashier when I went up to pay and they were discussing 2 mixed up "pick up" orders that had just left, what bothered me most was the apparent lack of caring about the mistakes. No appologies or even with the picked up orders an attempt to notify the patrons of the error that had occured. The most my group received about our personal errors with our meals was an "ooops" but nothing was done to correct the error.

Just my .00000002 cents worth

If I knew what I was doing years ago I would have half a clue today!

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