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Covered In Itchy Hives!

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went to a function yesterday where we had a breakfast. i ate 2 pieces of quiche (no crust) and some fruit. i do not think the egg quiche had flour in it but within an hour my legs were covered in itchy hives!

i tested positive for a wheat allergy and egg white allergy. could this be celiac or have something to do with these food allergies?


- gluten free since August 2007

- endoscopy came back negative for celiac in December 2007

- bloodwork confirms egg allergy

- allergy testing confirms only banana, apple, melon, egg and environmental allergies

i get hives anywhere on my waist down and less bloating/constipation when i do not eat wheat.

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It is probably both allergies. Traditional quiche is made from eggs and pasty crust with meat, cheese and other items added. It can be made without the crust, but no way it is made without eggs.

Sorry, I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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