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Turkey Frying

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ok i have a quick? i have a family member with celiacs disease an i am frying a turkey tomorrow for thanksgiving am i able to serve a injected based turkey will that effect the person with celiacs disease ? someone please help

It would totally depend on the ingredience of the injection fluids. Wheat, Rye, Barley, Malt would be what you should look for. Things that you would not assume do contain wheat such as soy sauce.

When frying, the oil must be totally dedictated to the Turkey and it must not be stuffed. You will need fresh oil with nothing fried in it that would have a flour based coating (as fried chicken).

Some celiacs may be sensitive enough to react to passed food items (not gluten free) in the same fryer.

Hope that was helpful and I appreciate your thoughtfulness to even ask. I am sure that your friend does.


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