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New Here With 3 Year Old

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I am sooo glad I found this site! I am sure I will learn so much here. I do have a few questions I hope I can get some help with. I will try to make this short as I can. My 3yr 10 month old adopted daughter has Fetal alcohol syndrome mad.gif I decided in March of this year to try the Gluten-free Casein-free diet, mainly due to behavior and FAS symptoms. Within 2 weeks I saw a big difference. I was not too strict but did pretty well. Around May her dev ped said if I really wanted to "test" the validitity of the diet I could take her off for a week and then I would know for sure. So I did, a week later was okay but after 2 weeks behavior was awful and she had bad dark circles under her eyes. I also should mention she has always battled constipation and when she does go it is huge and very smelly. A nd she has never slept well! So back to the diet we went but I had introduced oats a month later and her behavior(this is what I was basing everything on then)seemed ok with it. Well then the beginning of this month we went to a birthday party and mom guilt kicked in, I decided to try and reintroduce wheat, chicken nuggets. The next morning her behavior was off but I was determined all would be ok. So I continued with the nuggets, regular pasta and regular pretzles. After 7 days I realized it was not fair to her, again dark circles and behavior downhill and sleep worse. The day after, no more wheat, that night she threw up everywhere. I thought it was a virus but it was very sporatic and no one else got it. Would it take that long after we started wheat for it to be that to make her physically sick? She threw up, once a day every other for 8 days. At that time I removed oatmeal, and she has not gotten sick since. I have been following strict gluten-free since her last vomit and all seems well. I took her in to the Dr, turns out she is also not growing. Actually in 11 months she lost a pound and only grew 1 inch. She has not had vomiting in the past and has been an ok eater, seems to get enough calories for her age ect. The Dr dx FTT and is doing testing, he said she was a good candidate for Celiac and is doing the blood tests. I worry the results will not be accurate due to being mainly gluten-free again. It had been 6 days since she had wheat. Would that still be in her system for accurate results? Just wondering if this all sounds indeed like Celiac? Will the tests be accurate? Obviously she has a gluten sensitivity but does she have Celiac? And why is she not growing even when we have mainly been doing gluten-free diet? Any info is greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Wow. Well welcome to the board. I would think that the test would still show some antibodies, since she wasn't totally gluten-free for a long period, but I don't know that for sure. My gut tells me that you should do what works though, and if gluten-free works, then that is what you do. If you have already done the blood tests (and don't want the endoscopy) then go ahead and do what you think is right. As far as whether it is Celiac or not, sounds like it to me....or maybe a gluten intolerance. :)

EnteroLab test positive for gluten intolerence and 2 gluten intolerence and celiac genes

DQ2 and DQ3 sub type DQ7 in December 2005

Gluten-free since Enterolab test, December 2, 2005.

Lame Advertisement Test positive for gluten intolerence in Sept 2005.

THEN found out that my fathers mother had nontropical sprue, she passed away at 40 from (stomach) cancer, had holes in her intestines when they caught it. I had no idea....

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